Never Give up

Positive Attitude can do Wonders – Never Give up

We have always heard in life to Never give up, Here is a story of little Rudra which will touch your heart.

Somewhere in North India….

The sounds of the people singing bhajans in the temple echoed in his ears as the dawn approached. Music has always had the power to enchant little 8 years old Rudra. Rudra belonged to a lower middle class family from a small town in the North India. The financial condition of the family was barely hand to mouth.  Additionally Rudra’s father barely earned any money. Hence learning music was out of question for him.

He always sat outside the music school and heard children sing. He went to temples and celebrations. In short, he was present anywhere he could hear music. The beat of the tabla, jingles of guitar or the soothing sound of the violin gave him immense happiness. He was musically inclined, an exceptional singer. To sum up, he was naturally gifted.

A few years later…                               

It was the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami. Rudra was singing in the temple when he caught an eye of a businessman visiting the town for buying some land. He asked him, “Do you sing often? From where did you learn?” Rudra was surprised. He replied, “I didn’t learn. However I can sing.”

The man informed him about the national level singing competition to be held in Delhi next month. The auditions were about to begin soon. Rudra was keen to participate in the competition. Unfortunately, he had no money to visit the city. He did all the odd jobs like taking peoples’ cattle to the forest, delivering newspaper, collecting and selling waste plastic bags and even cleaning and dusting houses for money.

He left no stone unturned to collect money to go to Delhi. Finally he had some money within 20 days to buy a set of new clothes and shoes. He left his hometown with the hope to return as a winner.


Rudra had never seen so many people together, such broad roads and huge vehicles. He was awestruck and scared at the same time. It was a struggle for him to reach the auditorium. The security had a tough time managing the young aspirants disparate to showcase their talent. They were called one by one inside the auditorium. A few came out with bright smiles and the others whose hopes were shattered on rejection.

Rudra was nervous yet hell bent on winning. Unlike the young singers, he didn’t take any formal training in music, no formal education and no musical background. The day was over and he didn’t get a chance to enter the hall. He had to sleep on the pavement under the tree. Next day again he marched to the auditorium for auditions. In the evening he got a chance to go inside. He sang with all the efforts to give his life’s best performance. As expected, the judges showed a green flag. However the irony was he was on in one lakh people selected from all over India.

Rudra never let insecurity creep in. He practised more and more with each passing day. The fellow participants poked fun at him for his rural accent and his terrible clothes, but nothing seemed to bother him. He only worked to win. He worked on the negative comments from the mentors and improvised. The contestants were getting filtered after each round and Rudra swiftly moved ahead with the winners making it to the top three.

The big day…

The D-Day arrived. Luck was hard on Rudra. He got up with a sore throat that morning. A doctor was called immediately. With some medicines and remedies, he delivered his final performance beautifully. The moment was a crucial one. The judges announced the winner after waiting for long hours. And it was none other than the small town boy Rudra.

Rudra won the trophy coupled with a huge amount of money. His music album was launched making him the singing sensation. Years rolled by and he became one of the top singers in Indian music industry. Money, fame and happiness came his way only because of his hard work and determination. Rudra was the textbook definition of positive attitude.

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