overcome depression and sadness

10 best ways to overcome depression and sadness

10 best ways to overcome depression and sadness

Sadness, feeling worthless and eventually depression. Depression is commonly found in today’s world. You don’t need to be poor, unsuccessful, ugly or in a particular profession to be a depressed individual. Recently a few high profile celebrities have come up to openly speak about their fight with depression. There are a few ways that can help you overcome depression and sadness.

  1. Acceptance is the key:

Accept that you are sad and depressed. It is not your fault that depression has struck you or your life took an ugly turn. Remember it is OK not to be OK. Don’t brush the matter under the carpet. Don’t feel shy or bad to accept that you are sad and broken. In addition keep in mind that you can come out of your present situation provided you know where you want to go.

  1. Talk about it:

Talk about it to your parents, siblings, partner or your friends. You can talk about it to anyone you confide in. If you are keeping your issues to yourself you will sink into self-pity. To sum up, talk, shout, cry or do anything to show your pain. One cannot be strong and perfect all the time. Everyone is allowed to break once in a while.

  1. Seek help:

Another key point is to seek help. You can visit a psychologist who will talk to you. Visiting a doctor does not always mean that you are sick. It means you need help and you are not sufficient enough to help your own self. A professional doctor will listen to you. Additionally you can completely pour your heart to a doctor because you know he/she will not be judgemental. Visit a religious place or a spiritual healer if you find solace there.

  1. Do what you like:

Take out time for what you like to do. Read your favourite book, go to your favourite restaurant or go shopping. Also you can take up a new hobby which you wanted to do since long. Learn a new musical instrument or learn a form of dance. Buy that dress you love. There is no harm in spending some money on you. Get a new hairstyle or get inked.  Write down your thoughts every day.

  1. Avoid negative influences:

Shun negative people and negative influences. Specifically stay away from those people who make you feel inferior or criticize you for your flaws. You are down and depressed hence you need people to take care of you and encourage you to do well in life.

  1. Adapt a healthier lifestyle:

It is a common tendency of depressed people to eat too much or too little. Have a balanced diet. Hit the gym every day or take up yoga to calm your mind. Get up early and go for a walk. Feel the dew drops on your feet while you walk with naked feet on the grass. Avoid boozing or smoking too much.

  1. Quit all that bothers you:

Quit your job if it is getting toxic and believe that you are talented enough to get a better one. There is no use of staying in a relationship if it is going nowhere. Unfriend that troublesome friend on social media. Stop spying your ex.  Throw away those stilettos if they hurt you. Don’t watch sad those melodramatic movies or listen to sad music. In short, cut down all the unnecessary clutter in your life.

  1. Take a break:

Take a break from routine and have fun. Go on that much awaited road trip or fly in that hot air balloon one evening. Have a spa and rejuvenate yourself. Visit different city and meet new people. Talk to them and listen to them. Dance in the rain or do anything unusual that you did not do because of your over demanding lifestyle.

  1. Don’t isolate yourself:

Don’t stay in bed and cry alone. Loneliness hurts more than anything else. Surround yourself with supportive friends and family members. Spend time with your partners and children. In such crisis your mother is one person in this big world who can help and take care of you more than anyone else. Pour you heart out to her.

  1. Be thankful:

Lastly be thankful for every breath that you take, every sunrise and sunset that you see and for every little thing you are blessed with. People are praying every moment for all that you already have. Write a journal and say thank you for at least one thing every day. The world is not breaking down so calm your nerves. Above all love and respect yourself. Smile more often.

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