Open Letter to Women to follow their Heart

An Open Letter to Women to follow their Heart

An Open Letter to Women to follow their Heart

Dear Women,

What is that is holding you from following your dreams? Why aren’t you keen on taking the reins of life in your hands? Why do you want people to fight for your rights, when you can do it for yourself?

It begins since the day you are born. The celebration would have been great, provided it was a boy. You are not somebody who can take the family’s name forward. Yes, but you are the one who will give birth to a boy and he will eventually be the flag bearer of some other family’s reputation. You cannot be confined to the house. Education is your right too. Education brings enlightenment. You have to fight for your light.

Covering your body with clothes does not define your purity. You need to raise your voice, if you are not comfortable. Your skirt does not define your morals. Men cannot judge you by the length of your clothes. Don’t be ashamed to do all that gives you happiness. None have the courage to ruin your life or take decisions for you.

You have all the right to take up a profession that suits your skills and most importantly gives you inner satisfaction. You can walk the ramp or go to the moon, it is your choice. You can fight for the nation and you can even save lives. You have that fire in you. You don’t need people to speak on your behalf. Your voice is loud enough to be heard. Speak; let the world know that you will not settle for less.

Have a say in choosing your life partner. You cannot be with a man, who does not love or respect you. Take a step forward and say ‘No’ to abuse of any kind. A man does not have any right on your body and life till the time you don’t want it. Break every bond that causes pain, hurt and affects your self-respect and makes you less worthy in your own eyes. Walk away from the one, who treats you beneath him. You can be his support system and partner; however you don’t deserve to be his sub-ordinate. A man can rule your heart, not your life.

Whether you give birth to a son or daughter let the world not create a fuss about it. After all, it is your child. You will bring it up, nurture it. Teach your daughter to live with her head held high and trust her. Teach your son to respect others and not let him be a part of the male chauvinist brigade. Your children are your priority and not your possession. Let them follow their dreams too.

Don’t depend on your husband or children for your needs. You can fulfil your needs all by yourself. You have an identity of your won. Don’t be the mother, who is sent to the old age home because children cannot bear her expenses for long. Never sit in the easy chair and consider yourself too old to face the world. You cannot give up till the end.

You are the nurturer; you can touch many lives and bring about a transformation. Don’t consider yourself weak. Stand tall and be opinionated. Follow your heart. You may not be the woman who can buy her own diamonds, but definitely the one who can make a difference.

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