Open Letter to the T.V. Channels

An Open Letter to the T.V. Channels hosting Indian T.V. shows which we cannot tolerate anymore!

Dear Television Houses,

‘Television is an idiot box’, is an age old saying. However, it seems to be true in the present age. Indian T.V. shows are broadcasting some insane and unacceptable content. With the number of T.V. channels increasing rapidly, the quality of shows are going to the dogs.

Saas bahu sagas were a new trend on Indian television, which began more than a decade ago. It continues to give a mundane experience to the viewers. We are tired of watching the historic love-hate relationship between the saas and bahus. It is high time that the shows have a script writer because it becomes difficult to keep a track of the story. We sometimes don’t understand if the concept of a script or story is alien to the television houses in India.

Death, memory loss and plastic surgery. This is one cycle that repeats in very show on every channel. We are done with seeing cosmetic surgery changing the entire personality and even the voice of a character. Medical science has not advanced to this level yet. We need to understand that this is far from logical. Rebirth is one concept that gives an ugly twist to the show, making it run for another 100 episodes.

Reality shows were a respite to the audience. However, it proved to be a disaster after a few years. There is a specific recipe that the channel follows to gain TRP. Celebrity judges throw tantrums, one of the contestants shed tears over his pathetic domestic condition or some ugly controversy. The viewers are no more interested to watch these over the top performances. Dance and singing reality show winners don’t seem to do anything good after winning the competition.

We don’t need daily soap operas running for 10 years or airing 2000 episodes. We don’t want to watch vale of tears for decades together.  It is awful to watch cross-dressed men promoting every movie ready to hit the big screen.  These shows make you realize the stupidity can be communicable too! I am unable to comprehend just why all this is happening!

The young generation in India abstains from watching T.V. because of the kind of content being aired. We have settled on the T.V. shows from the west or no T.V. at all. The short web series are doing a better job than our T.V. shows. There is no need to get inspired from the shows in the west. India has very some really well versed writers with a fresh approach and limitless talent. In spite of a big budget and a magnificent cast, our Indian shows are losing audience and hence sinking TRP.

Gone are those days when T.V. shows had heart touching and varied content. In the 90’s, we had shows for family audience. Some educational and entertaining content was broadcasted for kids. Nonetheless, we need all that back again. Have a strong script instead of massive movie promotions and advertisements. The audience wants to reality and not just reality shows.

Television is the most powerful medium of communication. Every house has a T.V. set and everyone watches T.V. shows. Anything broadcasted on it has far reaching effects. So please, make some sensible content for the modern age Indians. Otherwise, if our T.V. set stops working for any reason, we won’t bother to get it fixed.

An Annoyed Indian.

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