Open Letter to all the Animal Haters

An Open Letter to all the Animal Haters

Dear Sadists,

I am not making a polite request to adopt pets or feed stray dogs. I don’t have any pets at home, and don’t even plan to have one. Neither I am asking you to turn vegetarian and stop relishing your chicken tikka. It is very simple: Just stop abusing animals. You can’t find pleasure in hurting those creatures, which haven’t caused you any harm.

It is not about going to the forest for hunting. (Although, you know sometimes even that can put you in trouble and pull to court if you have killed an endangered species). I have seen people treating their dogs as a family member. They share a unique bond, which is hard to explain in words. However, if you can’t do that then you don’t even have the right to beatt animals for pleasure.

None of us have a right to make these animals as our punching bag. I know of a man in my neighbourhood who beats up his dog whenever he has a bad day at office. This is an example of sheer madness. Also, I would categorize such people as ruthless and mean. How can you beat up an innocent creature? Instead, get a punching bag for yourself if these pangs of frustration attack you so often.

Injuring or harming an animal that is considered to be pious, is a crime in India. Similarly, I believe hurting any animal must be considered a crime and liable to punishment. There are a number of activists who protest against animal abuse. But, that is not enough. A strong action needs to be taken against such people who are cruel to animals. Just because these animals cannot speak or retaliate, it does not mean that humans have any right to hurt them.

We come across a number of articles in the newspapers about animal abuse. My heart aches to see this kind of cruelty. According to me, animal abusers must be put behind bars. Killing an endangered species is a crime. In the similar fashion, harming any living, breathing creature must be considered as a crime and there has to be a punishment for it. I am not talking like an animal activist or a member of PETA. I am talking just like a human being.

There is no need for everyone to take out rallies or protest across the city. I too don’t have the time for that. People, who want will obviously do that. Have some mercy in your heart and be sensitive to animals. They have been our helpers, carriers, source of livelihood and much more. Human beings have been blessed with a brain, five senses and many other skills that distinguish us from all the other creatures. It makes us better and not superior.

If you still feel you can harm innocent animals and find peace in it, then you surely need a psychiatrist because a mentally stable person can never hurt an animal. You cannot beat up your pet, throw an innocent dog down from your terrace or burn and stab animals. Go on Google, and you will find a long list of psychiatrists and counsellors who can treat you.

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