Monday Motivations

Monstrous Monday – Ways of Monday Motivations

You get that sinking feeling in your stomach and then you realise it in Sunday night. Tomorrow is Monday. Nobody ever loved Mondays. If it is a Monday and you are happy there are high chances that either you are jobless or too much in love with your job.Many service doing people always try to find ways of Monday Motivations.

I remember as a kid, I always made some excuse to my mother on Sunday night to escape school on Monday. I felt prey to toothache or a sudden eye infection every alternate Sunday evening. As a professional I cannot make such excuses to my boss, however Monday bleus don’t seem to get any lesser with time. There is certain irritability on our face on Mondays. Till the afternoon we crib about work, boss, office chair, killing traffic, annoying neighbours or even global warming.

Not everyone is lucky to have a job that is thrilling, satisfying, enjoyable, and enriching every minute of every day. Most of us are stuck up in this nine to six, five days a week job. It is boring, dull and even pressurizing at times. Students hate going back to books on Mondays because they are entangled in a course which they are least interested in. We all hate this ‘khooni Monday’

‘All work and no play’ is an old saying but will never go outdated. Monday monster haunt us because we live for the weekends. The problem is not Monday. The real problem is the routine. We are not in terms with our monotonous and boring life. Tuesdays, Wednesdays or any other day is equally stressful if we don’t like our work. Fridays seem a little better because we anticipate an enjoyable weekend.

I tried to spice up my Monday by wearing a new set of clothes whenever I could or applying extra make up or simply carrying a new bag to work. And it worked for me. I felt a little happier. You can dress up and show up gorgeous to reduce stress. Simple things like having a brownie for breakfast on Monday morning can turn your Monday into brown and chocolaty instead of blue.

You can plan a little outing or shopping trip on a Monday evening. A post work plan will give us something to look forward to and will propel you to a great start. One of my senior colleagues says that she always goes to this wonderful nightclub on Monday evening straight from office. This is because the entry fee is lesser compared to that on the weekends and it motivates her to come to office on Mondays.

One of the remedies to our Monday woes is to completely unplug from work since Friday evening. Avoid taking phone call from office or replying to emails during weekend. Do what you have been waiting to do all the week. A short picnic or just lying in bed for the whole day.  Sleep a little early on Sunday so can wake up early on Monday and feel fresh. These are little things that help us overcome the boredom that routine brings along with it.

There is an ardent need to reconceptualise the Monday theory. It is just another day. You have to head to office. There is work to be done, deadlines to be met and finally bills to be paid. Acceptance is the key. Accept that it is going to be boring to work after a relaxing weekend. You will be a little more tired and bored. Miserable Mondays and terrible Tuesdays will not cease to exist till you dislike what you do. So a bolder step would be switching to do what you like and enjoy.

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