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Long Live my Husband – Karwa Chauth

I see women gathered at a temple which is a few miles away from my house. Most of them in red or bright coloured sari beautifully draped. Sindoor broadly spread in their hair, heena clad palms, tingling bangles and ethnic jewellery. I realized it is Karwa Chauth today. Each one of them seemed blushing and happy. Songs of merriment echoed in my ears.
I wonder how you can look so happy when you haven’t eaten anything all through the day. These hungry women stare at the sky in anticipation with thalis in their hands and prayers in their heart. They will not eat anything until the moon is visible in the night sky. They will see their husband’s face through a sieve and are then allowed to sip water to eat. The reason for this hard work is so that their husband lives a long and healthy life.
I remember when I was a little girl, every year I accompanied my neighbourhood women to the building terrace at night. It was so beautiful to see each couple following these rituals. Gazing their husband’s face with sparkling eyes and smiling face. The hunger didn’t reflect on their face but it was happiness and satisfaction. I always admired a women’s sheer determination to make her marriage successful and to keep her husband happy. It comes inherently to a woman, I guess.
There may be a lot of reasons or facts for celebrating this festival. It is celebrated in various states in India with a different name. There are a lot of myths and stories related to it. Some people claim that it is sexist as it endorses a woman’s dependence on her man. However in my opinion, it has a romantic angle to it. It symbolizes love between a husband and wife and willingness to sacrifice. This is gesture to show your partner that you are ready to fight with the destiny for him.
I believe love makes you do crazy things. It is not only love. It is respect and reverence for your husband and the fact that these values are imbibed into us since childhood. We have seen our mother and grandmother doing the same thing since years. A lot of unmarried women observe fast for her husband to be in the future or with a hope to find a suitable match. Some unmarried women also do it for a permanent romantic attachment or an unforgettable love. Though this practice is far from universal.
Needless to say that every woman needs her man by her side. In spite of all her education, independence and bravery, her man is her support system. In India, a woman’s glory, existence and also her status is dependent on her husband. Her life revolves around her man. So to protect and safeguard her man is an indispensable thing for her. She is willing to sacrifice her hunger and thirst to sign a deal with God for her husband’s long life.
A colleague of mine who is eight months pregnant is also observing this fast. It is astonishing to see the love for these age old traditions or rather I would say love for her husband. A lot of men nowadays also observe this fast along with their better half as a gesture of empathy. Well this is fair enough. If a woman is praying for her husband, a man can do it for her wife as well.
These are little gestures in the form of traditions or culture to show your affection to your loved one. It keeps the romance alive and love intact.

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