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It is not your choice – Absurd Ways People Judge Women

All of us are at our best when it comes to judging others. We get a little too judgmental when it comes to judging the fairer sex. Their are Absurd Ways People Judge Women and our Indian society leaves no stone unturned to be hypocrites and mean to woman. We have a set of prejudices and we are not ready to open our eyes to the bigger picture.

Absurd Ways People Judge Women

The most common parameter to judge a woman is the clothes she wears. If my skirt is above my knees then my character is below your standards. A woman going out of the house with her head covered is seen to very religious and up to the mark. This is the mark that we have set in our minds. They say women are raped because they don’t dress up appropriately. The society forgets that 5 years old get raped too and marital rape is an ugly truth that prevails.

A girl’s choice of clothes cannot bend or mend her character. I remember a friend of mine went to meet a man for an arranged marriage. The reason that man rejected her was because she was wearing a sleeveless top. There are no other qualities that you can look for in a woman except the sleeves of her top.

A woman can be educated and independent yet she has to be at home after it is dark. A female who works late night or during night shifts belongs to the third world. It is sheer hard work and responsibility if a man works in the office at night however people find it fishy if a woman does the same thing. It not below dignity to work at whatever time your work culture demands.

A woman is deemed characterless if she has male friends. Everybody has a say in choosing friends. She has befriended a man that does not mean that she is getting laid with him. If two people of the opposite sex are seen walking, talking, eating together that implies they are also sleeping together.

A virgin girl is considered to be laced with beauty and morals. The irony is no man wants to stay a virgin but wants a virgin wife. We probably think that we’re living in the stone ages with something as natural and humane as having sex deciding a woman’s character. But alas, this is sadly still a 21st century thing. Associating the character with your hymen is always what the society does. A woman who does not wish to marry or a divorcee is not looked upon with respect

Absurd Ways People Judge Women

Girls who smoke, consume alcohol or go to a night club are looked down upon. A man is a man enough if he can booze but a woman is loose character if you see her three drinks down. This is sexist and absurd. Nothing else perfectly summarizes the double standards that women have to deal with.

Sadly, Indian society is still male dominated. A woman can easily be victimized. She can be molested, judged, looked down upon for anything that she does. A strong headed and independent woman is considered to be the one who has lost her way. We have a benchmark for woman and anything above and beyond that is unacceptable.

People have made this category of women called as ‘marriage material.’ A girl who speaks her mind or refuses to surrender to a man’s ways is not worth marrying. One of the worst things that I came across is that a girl is even judged based on her skin colour. Fair is fantastic and dark is ugly.

Women are not second class citizens to be treated differently. Our hyper judgemental neurons fail to understand that it everyone’s right to make a choice for themselves.

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