Hair density tips

Improve your hair density with these few tips

Hair-fall is a new age decease which has affected most of us.You might have came across many hair re growth methods.

Our hair need proper care and nutrients to stay strong which we fail providing due to our hectic schedule.

If your hairs are failing due to illness or its hereditary no one in the world can help you with it, In most of these cases you will have to go for a hair transplant.

Below are the few tips for improving your hair density which will surely help you guys.

1) Eat Protein and Apply Protein


Our hairs are made up of protein so It require that to stay strong.So eat all protein rich food and apply egg with olive oil 3 times a week on your head for better results.


2) Shirshasana or Headstand Yoga



3) Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the best and natural ways to increase your hair density. It will helps you get back your thick and lustrous hair. It will also help you control hair fall.

Aloe vera
Aloe Vera

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