I Unloved You

I Unloved You

I Unloved You

Does True love really exist?

We have been hearing various definitions of love all our life. The Oxford dictionary says love is, ‘A strong feeling of affection’. This definition will make you wonder how many people you love. As a 90’s kid I was grew up watching Bollywood movies and reading fairy tales. Each one had the same conclusion, love has the power to overcome all evils and true love leads to everlasting happiness. I wondered why every fairy tale had the same end “….. And they lived happily ever after.”

Then times changed. Simple definitions got replaced with complicated feelings and more complicated real life examples. Love has become a misunderstood term in this technical era. We call it infatuation, affection, platonic relation or even insanity. By the grace of modern apps arriving in the market people are searching for love online. Old friends or even strangers connect on a social networking site and fall in love. They spend time with each other, chat, and go on dates and some get laid. You want to meet some people again and again and some you avoid right after the first date.

People fall in and out of love and that is because we have learnt this art of moving on. Life moves on and so do people. I believe nature has made human beings so adaptable and flexible that we can move and bend the way we are made to.


However once in a lifetime, love knocks on everyone’s door. And this time it is pretty serious. You give a special place to that person in your heart. You plan to get married and have kids. All you can see is that special someone and you. In short, you see a happily ever after. Intense and true love has the power to change a person for life. A 25 year old friend of mine says that it is only once he fell in love but his girlfriend got married to another man. And that if she parts ways with her husband he will marry her the next day.

Some souls do unite with their mates for life. It takes real courage to fall in love with someone, overcome all obstacles and get into wedlock. It is a little battle that you need to conquer. These beautiful incidences are seen few and far.

True Love

Life is no fairy tale. Love does not come to last forever for everyone. There are so many reasons for it not to reach its goal of matrimony. Consent of both families, social and religious constraints, financial factors, and the list goes on. And amidst all this, what remains far behind is happiness and satisfaction.

We get into mathematics of life and perform calculations and choose the way which brings minimum loss. I can’t believe how conveniently our critical mind forgets the little joys that life has to offer. It is not companionship, it is an alliance. We bring together two living, breathing creatures to make a perfect pair like we buy matching curtains for cushions or shoes for a pair of trousers.

The frills and fancies of the social customs are so enchanting that we fail to give importance to the loved one. We belittle love for the bigger and better picture of a future. But we belittle love. Love which is rare to come and rarest to stay. Half of the time you try to figure out if it was love and the rest half you try to ignore it. And life passes in a blink.

We fall in love deeply but fall out quickly. True love exists. Seldom are the lovers united for life and often our love in confined to our hearts.

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