Heart touching letter

A heart touching letter from a dad to his son who abandon his parents at old age

A heart touching letter from a Dad to his Son

My dear son,

I am talking of the time when you were born; it was the most joyous occasion of my life. In fact it was the only day when I had tears in my eyes and smile on my face. Your mother was certainly on cloud nine. On that day we made mental note to give you all we could.

You were a bright boy. We were proud to announce your achievements to the world. Being not so educated parents, we definitely wanted our son to get the best of education. So that in the long run you enjoy a wonderful life. I hope you remember how you would come running from school and tell all the stories to your mother.

I was working day in and day out as I was the sole bread winner of the family. Looking at your beautiful smile made me forget all my troubles. We decided not to have a second child so that we can give you all the comforts. Your mother didn’t buy new clothes for herself on Diwali to save for your favourite sweets. We avoid our medical treatment at times to pay your tuition fees. To sum up, our life revolved around you.

You were growing up and we were growing old. Income has definitely increased over the years but the expenses have seemed to cross the income threshold. We wanted to send you to the best college hence I decided to invest my entire provident fund in your fees. Retirement was soon approaching however you were our ray of hope. You passed out of flying colours. We could ask nothing more than this.

You got busy with your corporate lifestyle. You choose to marry a girl of your circle. We didn’t want you to but couldn’t disapprove. You are our beloved son after all. Your wife never considered herself as a part of our family. She was absorbed in high society antiquates which we old middle class people failed to understand.

All we needed was a listening ear especially from you. You were often occupied to pay attention to us. Your friends frequently visited home. Our own daughter in law asked us to stay in our bedroom to avoid embarrassment. We are not smart, educated people however that doesn’t mean we are a reason for embarrassment for our own children.

Years swiftly rolled by. Our little grandson is your replica. We found happiness with him. Your mother brought him up with as much love as she brought you up. You never bothered to pay our medical bills. My glasses broke but you said you can’t afford to buy a new one though you could afford that expensive crystal vase for the drawing room the same day.

Finally you asked us to leave the house one day. We are old and sick. I held your hand and dropped you to school when you were a kid. You held our hand and dropped us to the old age home. Your mother cried all night. She missed all of you. She missed our little angel. We still miss all of you every day.

I often ask the care taker if you called up to enquire about us. He just smiles at my question. The old age home is not so far that you can’t drop by even once a month. We have made friends here. People here are full of life even at seventy. In one tiny room, we lived happily. When you grew up to buy a spacious three bedroom house, you couldn’t make space for just the two of us.

It is all good. It would have been better if all of us lived together. Your mother is giving you her regards. Please take care of your family and give our love.

Waiting for your reply….

Your loving father….

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