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Girls, Raise you Voice against Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment has been faced by many girls and even guys now a days, here is a story which will give u direction and motivation to raise your voice against it.

Nisha joined PureSoft Digital eight months ago. As soon as she passed her engineering, she was recruited by this huge MNC in Mumbai. Nisha was a pretty, shy and timid small town girl. Firstly shifting form Indore to Mumbai was very difficult for her. Also getting accustomed to the fast pace metropolitan lifestyle and corporate standards was not her piece of cake. However she tried her best since day one.

Dhruv and Aditi were not only Nisha’s colleagues at PureSoft but also her only two friends in Mumbai. Nisha was swiftly learning the ropes. She was definitely very hard working and dedicated. She would put in extra hours after office or on weekends to complete her tasks perfectly. All in all she was here to prove herself to the world and make her parents proud.

Abhimanyu was Nisha’s manager. He was that typical tall, dark and handsome man who never failed to swipe the girls off their feet. Abhimanyu has been working for the same company since a couple of years. He was well known for being a flirt or even a womanizer among his team. But he the management considered him to be an asset for the company.

Abhimanyu took keen interest in Nisha. She always maintained a distance from her manager regardless of his many attempts to befriend her. He left no stone unturned to get close to her. She repeatedly turned down his dinner or party invitations. The fact that she never reciprocated to him, made him restless.

It was the time for promotions and salary hike in the company. Everyone was excited as well as nervous. Nisha was still on probation period in the company. She was awaiting her confirmation this month. She knew her hard work will surely pay off. She was expecting to be a permanent employee with PureSoft now.

One evening Nisha left office late in the evening. Abhimanyu insisted on dropping her home in his car. She was a little reluctant to go along with him yet had to agree. Abhimanyu looked at Nisha from head to heels and gave a sly smile. He said, “So Nisha, aren’t you happy that soon you will be a permanent employee with us. Nisha replied with a smile, “Yes, surely.”

Abhimanyu added, “I hope you know that I will be the one who will be giving your reviews to the management. I can make or break it.” The little girl was puzzled. She didn’t seem to get Abhimanyu’s words. He brutally said, “To cut the long story short, either you are accompanying me home tomorrow evening for some good time or pack your bags to go back to your city.”

Nisha got out of the car. She had tears in her eyes. She thought that it would be better that she leaves the city and this job. She was not willing to compromise under any circumstances. At the same time, Aditi called her up. She narrated the entire episode to her. Aditi and Dhruv convinced her to raise her voice instead of running away.

The next day was the monthly meeting with the management. It was a Q & A session between the employees and the management in the conference hall. Nisha got up and asked, “What should I do in case my manager asks me to sleep with him to continue working in this company? I mean what should I do in case of sexual harassment?” The entire hall was dead silent. Nisha told everything to everyone.

Nisha was told to launch an FIR against her manager. An enquiry was set up. A number of female employees came up and confessed the same about Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu was terminated from employment. Not only this but also he was arrested for sexual harassment as per Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013. As per this any senior colleague demanding sexual favours in exchange of work benefits like promotion, hike, etc can be put behind bars for three year.

The entire staff supported Nisha and appreciated her for taking this bold step. She became the source of inspiration for a number of girls. She came up and raised her to save her dignity.

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