The Girl with a Broken Heart

The Girl with a Broken Heart

The Girl with a Broken Heart

The sky was cloudy that evening. She was standing under a tree.  She had a few extra inches and her hair lacked luster. Her eyes were surrounded with dark circles. Her dull grey jacket was a metaphor to her life. Her car broke down and she could find no help.

Life for Siya has been different four years ago. She was a 20 something, confident and charming. She not only fell in love with Aadil but had submerged in it. They first met at the college feast and instantly clicked. Certain things are destined to happen like love happens, Siya and Aadil happened. There were no confessions of love or promises from either of them.

She loved her soft hands being held tightly by Aadil. It gave her a sense of safety. They walked on the lonely street near college for hours, talking random things which wouldn’t have made sense if it was not Aadil. Days turned into months and love blossomed. Siya was so much in love that she felt no need for any commitment. It was obvious like the season change or heartbeats.

One rainy afternoon they went to the nearby theatre to watch a movie. The place was quite lonely.  Their hands brushed each other’s as they occupied their seats. Aadil kept gazing at her failing to take his eyes off. He moved forward and placed a little kiss on her lips. She couldn’t help herself responding to it. She forgot everything in that moment. That night the same incident played on loop in Siya’s mind. She could still hear Aadil’s voice in the cool silence between the raindrops.

Few Days Later…..

Aadil called Siya on the same street outside college. He had news to give. He said it so simply yet was so difficult to understand, “Siya I am leaving the city tomorrow night. I have been selected by a leading B-school in Mumbai. I guess I will be too busy to even keep in touch yaar!”, saying that Aadil turned back and left.

No goodbye hugs, no good wishes. He should have at least promised to stay in touch. For an hour she was just standing at the same place frozen with shock. No words and no tears. The sky turned grey and it started raining. She was completely drenched till she reached home. She didn’t sleep that night. Whenever she tried closing her eyes, images of Aadil played like a movie in her mind.

She tried calling Aadil several times. Left uncountable messages for him but he never replied. She felt a huge void in her life since Aadil left. She had to clear the entrance exams lined up next week. She tried to study day in and day out. She tried her best to keep his memories away from her but all in vain. The rains made her remind him, pink colour, college, lonely streets, movie theatres, laughter, music, and people holding hands, happy couples, nights, days, seasons, heartbeats and everything reminded her of Aadil. She got into a B-school, not one in Mumbai but a decent one.

She left for Delhi soon after. The new academic year began. She never wanted to befriend anyone. Her batch mates called her ‘Miss Loner.’ She sat on the first bench, diligently took notes and left college for the day. She was only surrounded by book all the time. Laughter seemed to have been a long forgotten thing for Siya. Two years of college got over and she was selected by the best company that came for placement. She had to shift to Mumbai for her joining.

She was heading home from work one evening. Finally, the bus arrived. She entered it through the door at the front. The first seat was vacant. She occupied it though it was reserved for physically disabled. At the next stop a man got into the bus and asked her to get up. It was a familiar voice. She turned back and her world turned upside down. It was Aadil. He was standing with the help of a stick. Dirty, old clothes and messed up hair.

He recognized Siya. She was numb with eyes wide open and her hands shivered. Involuntarily they got down from the bus at the next stop. She asked her softly about his present situation. He met with an accident soon after he landed up in Mumbai for his MBA. He was drunk that night when he bumped into a car leaving his leg destroyed forever. He was in the ICU for a month. He had to drop out of college after that. He now works for an NGO as a teacher. He could never return back to his hometown after that.

Siya had tears in her eyes after four years. She cried last time after Aadil’s abrupt departure. Aadil said that he was sorry for his actions and that he missed her very much and wanted her back in his life. She stood there sans any reaction. She turned back and walked away without looking back even once.


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