Every Child is Special

Every Child is Special – Happy Children’s Day

We must remember that “Every Child is Special”. There was this little street child named Bhaanu. Teary face and innocent eyes, Bhanu did not have his right hand. He met with an accident when he was just four years old. He received no school education. The poor chap always wanted to mingle up with the other children. But these school going, smart little lads considered him an outcaste. They made fun of his torn clothes and the fact that he never wore any shoes.

He would stand outside the classrooms and listen to the teacher teach. He desired to go to school however his parents were unable to afford it. He picked up the books he found on the street and gaze through them. He drew random things from chalk on the walls with his left hand. He was talented but sadly underprivileged.

One day, the mayor of the town announced a celebration for the upcoming children’s day. All the children were welcome irrespective of their schools, age and family. There was a drawing competition to be held for all these children. The mayor claimed that the child who wins the completion will be exempted from his school fees for the whole five years.

All the parents were excited about it. After all they wanted their child to out shine among the other kids in the town. And besides free school education for five years was a very great thing to have. They prepared their kids day in and day out. Bhanu quietly watched the children practise for the drawing completion at school. It was the talk of the town.

The day arrived. The children gathered in the huge playground. It was all fun and frolic. Sweets were distributed. There was dance and music. Bhanu watched the celebration from the entrance. The bell rang for the competition. The guard started making the children sit in the order. He pulled in Bhanu too and made him sit.

The theme was ‘Every Child is Special.’ The little artists began sketching. Bhanu was clueless about it. Some volunteer handed him a pencil and box of crayon. He stated with his work too. He could draw with the same speed and neatness even though he just had his left hand. The final bell rang and the sheets were collected. The judges took an hour to decide the winner. They had to go through more than hundred drawings.

Finally the winner was announced. The sheet had a huge ‘B’ written on it. The judges requested ‘B’ to come on stage. Bhanu swiftly walked ahead. The guard helped him reach there. He was scared and tears were rolling down his cheeks. He held his head down and cried.

The judges displayed his painting to the audience. It had a young boy standing outside the window of the classroom where the others were studying. He drew his own picture. IT appeared so real and heart touching. One of the judges lifted the little boy in his arms. The crowd applauded. It was the first time that people saw Bhanu smiling.

The mayor rightly said in his speech, “Every child is special. Each of them has a right to education, be it poor or rich, privileged or underprivileged. No child should be deprived of his right to education.”

Bhanu accompanied the other children to school since then.

Image Source : Insanity Flows

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