Easter Short Story

Who is the Egg-cellent Student? – Easter Short Story

Who is the Egg-cellent Student?

The Easter Sunday was just round the corner. The town was all happy and busy in preparations. Schools and colleges were closed for the Easter weekend. People were busy buying Easter goodies and decorating Easter bunnies. It was all fun and frolic everywhere.

There was an Easter Egg Decoration Competition in the church on the Easter Sunday after the mass. The children had to decorate eggs with waste material. Most importantly, it was expected to be ‘The best out of waste’. The child who wins was supposed to get a bag full of yummy chocolates and some interesting goodies. The children were very excited to participate in the competition. The winner would get a chance to visit the amusement park with his parents.

There was Easter fever everywhere.  Children were busy devising new and wacky ways to decorate eggs. Some thought of old colours or paper. A few kids also decided to use cotton and some wool to make pretty faces on the eggs. Parents helped their kids to finalize on some wonderful ideas for decorating those eggs.

Finally, it was Easter Sunday. The mass was over by afternoon. It was time for the most awaited moment. The children were all set to decorate the eggs. The parents carried their satchel, which had the decorative items. Armed with their drawing pencils and colour boxes each one was there to excel. The little artists were very keen to win the prize and visit the amusement park.

The bell rang and the kids started with their work. Each one was given two eggs to work. Meanwhile, a little boy was standing outside the church gate. John was the son of the man who in charge of keeping the church clean. His clothes were torn and had old torn shoes. But, he had angelic eyes and an honest smile.

The priest saw John outside. He called him in and asked him to participate in the competition. He was shying away from the crowd. However, the priest convinced me lovingly. He came inside. He had nothing to work with. The time was almost getting over. John was clueless. He was handed two eggs to be decorated.

John was sharp and had presence of mind. He went outside and got some dry grass from the park adjacent to the church. Also, he got some tamarind seeds lying nearby. He rushed to the church and started working. He requested another kid to give him some glue. John was all prepared to give his best shot. He not only had a great idea, but also could implement it.

He used the dry grass to make hair strands on the egg. Also, he used the seed to make the eyes and nose. He could make interesting faces on the eggs with just two things, which he found lying in the park. The final bell rang. Kids were done with their art work. Most of them had used expensive colour pencils, costly button, while others used oil paints, etc.

The judges scrutinized the work carefully. The most important thing was ‘The best out of waste’. The kids who didn’t follow the theme were disqualified. They saw John’s work and liked it instantly. He had used nothing, but jus waste. And, still he had done great work. The judges showed his work to everyone present there.

The judges announced the winner. John received the basket full of goodies and the tickets to the amusement park. He accompanied his parent to the park that evening. Smartness and innovative thinking can do wonders. You don’t need something extra-ordinary to succeed.

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