New Year 2017

Demonetization failed to spoil the Party Mood this New Year 2017

New Year 2017 is soon arriving. Like every year, the New Year fever in on among the youngsters. Parties have begun in full swing and will continue till the first week of January. The recent has demonetization affected the nation in various ways. However the New Year spirit does not seem to have any visible effect due to note ban in India.

A recent report in Times of India stated that the event organizers are focusing more of organizing the corporate company’s private New Year parties. The reason behind this is that the cash crunch won’t affect too much. In spite of this the budget of the parties is low compared to that of the previous years. The low budget is due to the shrinking sponsorship. Less sponsorships have led to cost cutting in the budget of the party organizers.

There may be other factors too but in reality people are in a very excited to welcome the New Year. Most of the people tend to celebrate the New Year by partying in a hotel or a night club. Some of them go to parties organized at various places especially on the 31st December. The passes for these events are available online. Hence one can easily buy them without paying in cash.  There are various websites through which you can buy your passes just like your buy your movie tickets or shop online.

Additionally, every modern Indian is well accustomed in using debit or credit cards. The young generation is well aligned with the digital means of payment. The payment using physical currency is minimum, all thanks to the Prime Minister’s vision of cashless economy. For instance, a vegetable seller in my locality is accepting money through paytm. In the similar fashion, a number of people have resorted to accept digital money.

The organizers can do their jobs pretty well without the physical currency notes. The sponsorship can be a concern but not to a very large extent. It does not really matter if you have 2000 rupee notes or old 1000 and 500 rupee notes cease to exist. The note ban does not seem to weaken the spirit of the party goers at all. Although people are cash starved but in high spirits.

A friend of mine is going to one of the best parties in town along with his colleagues. According to him, all the salaried employees are getting paid in the same manner. Demonetization hasn’t affected their salaries. So it is obvious that people will celebrate just like before. Therefore there is no reason they have to avoid a New Year party. Besides they purchased the passes just by swiping a card.

In other words, this country has more common middle class people as compared to black money holders who seem to have affected by demonetization in a large way. The difficulties that we faced in our day to day life due to note ban are almost coming to an end now. Also it has been a trend among the majority of the young generation in India to party every New Year.

So let’s welcome the New Year 2017! Don’t let the cash crunch ruin your happiness. Wear your party shoes and get ready to burn the dance floor.

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