Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas with a Wish List – Short Story for Kids


Christmas Wish List

Christmas was just round the corner. The entire city was decorated with red and green. Shops were loaded with gifts and goodies. Similarly, children were really excited to sing Christmas carols and get gifts from Santa this year. Schools were off the winter vacation. The city was getting beautiful with each passing day.

James too was all ready for Christmas. This seven year old was happy that Santa Claus is coming to town. James lived with his parents and elder sister. He was the apple of everyone’s eyes. Since James was a toddler, he wished for gifts from Santa. He along with his sister would write his wishes on a paper and hang the wish list on the window. The next morning all his wishes were fulfilled. The gifts would be in the bag hung in the balcony. James’ Santa was none other than his own father.

James’ sister Jeena was old enough to understand that their Santa was her own dad. However James still believed in miracles. The family was preparing for Christmas way before the day. A huge tree was set in the dining area.  The mistletoe was placed. The family ran from one shop to another for Christmas shopping. James’ mother was supposed to prepare special dinner that day. She planned to bake the chocolate and strawberry cake herself for the kids.

It was just two days before Christmas. Mother was packing chocolates and other goodies in tiny boxes to give away as gifts in the neighbourhood. James’ father came home early that evening. He told his wife, “Let’s keep Christmas a low key affair this year. I lost my job today. I promise we will celebrate a grand one next time.” The lady gave a brief smile. She said, “It’s perfectly fine. Our kids are grown up now. Hence they will surely understand.”

On the other hand, James had a huge wish list for Santa this year. He wanted that fancy video game, some electronic toys, a costly pair of shoes that he saw in the departmental store last month and his favourite music CDs and the list goes on. Jeena knew about her brother’s excitement. She told her mother about it. They knew Dad will be unable to afford all the expensive gifts this year.

With this in mind, Jeena tried to convince her little brother to strike off certain items from the wish list. However the little boy was too adamant. He insisted that he will ask whatever he wants and Santa will have to give it to him. Jeena tried harder but all in vain. She narrated everything to her parents. They got worried about James. They knew that he will be upset to see the bag empty the next morning.

The entire family marched to the church on the Christmas Eve. They met all the near and dear ones. It was an evening of fun and frolic. On arriving home, James took out a pen and paper from his satchel. He wrote his wishes on it and kept it on the window. After the kids fell asleep, Mom and Dad went to the window and saw the wish list in James’ crooked hand writing. It surprisingly said,

Dear Santa,

Please give my Dad his job back. I promise to be a good boy this year.

I just want this.



The couple had tears in their eyes. James overheard their conversation with Jeena. James was not selfish. Instead he wished for his father. He loved his daddy dearest as much as the family loved him. The couple thanked God for such lovely children. They were the best gift they ever received.


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