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Can online shopping replace shops?

Can online shopping replace shops?

Online shopping in India has become a trend among the tech savvy generation. You can shop anything online for clothes to vegetables. Just choose and click the order button.  It will be delivered to your doorstep in just few days. With the number of online shopping websites increasing rapidly, online shopping is becoming more common with each passing day.

I remember my childhood days when our family went shopping for festivals and holidays. It was a full day activity. My mother was the one to make a choice for us. She made it a point to scrutinize the fabric, size and color. Bargaining is an art that comes naturally to women. After a tiresome process, the family would march back home.

Life changed as I grew up. Long working hours and lazy weekend leave no time for shopping expeditions anymore. All I do is online shopping. Choose one from the infinite options available on numerous shopping websites and expect for speedy delivery. In my opinion, online shopping is the best thing since sliced bread. I can make a choice, order, pay and even return just by clicking a few buttons.

I often think that can online shopping in India replace the shops and stores? I don’t think it can completely do that. A large crowd even in the metropolitan cities still prefer to go to the shops and purchase. The idea of virtual shopping still does not go well with Indians. For instance, my mother does not buy clothes until she touches the fabric, tries the clothes and crib about the cost to the sales person.

In the same fashion, a number of people cannot buy everything online. They want to touch, feel, see and bargain. Some people think that electronic goods or other costly items are to be purchased from authentic shops only. Simply putting, if one is not satisfied with the quality of the product he or she can raise a concern personally. Now there is no physical person present to cater to you when you buy things online.

Some people want to visit the market because it is a way to kill time. You can visit a number of shops and gaze everything, even though all you want to buy is a coffee mug. Shopping is a source of entertainment for many in India. Additionally, for a lot of people the idea of shopping is fun and not to save time. Online shopping in India has revolutionized the shopping experience for many. However a huge population still does not prefer the digital way of shopping.

Another key point is that everyone does not have internet access or a smart phone. Especially in rural India, where regular water supply and electricity is a luxury.  Therefore, we can conclude that online shopping is not everybody’s cup of tea. People travel from one town to another to shop, but they cannot order it online.

A lot of people from the elder generation have no idea about online shopping. The reason is that they are unable to deal with the modern day gadgets. You can relate to it if in case you have taught your grandfather to use his new Smartphone. Our parents and grandparents don’t find it so easy to buy anything online. They don’t get convinced with the quality and authenticity of the products.

Anything available or accessible online cannot replace the essence of human touch. Online shopping in India is becoming popular with the younger generation. However, every Indian cannot buy everything online.  For a decade or two more, online shopping websites cannot be a full-fledged replacement for shops in the markets.

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