Things only Hostel Life can teach you

8 Things only Hostel Life can teach you

8 Things only Hostel Life can teach you

It is said each one of us should stay in a hostel, at least once in a lifetime. People, who have lived in hostels, have some rib tickling tales to tell. What is so special about hostel life? Why does living in hostel changes your personality? It is the lessons that hostel life brings to you. Let’s look at 8 things only hostel life can teach you.

  1. Money management

You have a little amount of money that your parents send you every month or a negligible stipend that you earn. You have to manage a lot of your expenses. Often one needs to cut corners to save money. It may happen at times that you have to borrow money from a classmate for even a cup of tea. All the hoteliers definitely know the pain that month end brings.

  1. Sense of responsibility

You get a sense of responsibility as you are completely on you own. You have to put your things in place, wash your own clothes and basically do everything that your mother did for you till you were home.

  1. Discipline and punctuality

No late night parties every day and no getting up late. Every hostel has a set of rules and regulations to follow, however discipline and punctuality is expected everywhere. You cannot have your dinner at 10 a.m. like you do at home.

  1. The art of cooking

Everyone learns to make Maggie at least if you have lived in a hostel. If your hostel authorities permit, you can cook. Men and women, both have to learn cooking if you wish to eat good food. Otherwise, the only option you are left with is the not so good mess food.

  1. The ‘jugaad’

Jugaad’ is the great Indian way to survive in a hostel. It basically means anything that makes things easier for you. For instance, drying your clothes by spreading them on the chairs and table in your room so that you don’t have to carry them all the way to the drying area.

  1. Little joys of life

Imagine receiving a parcel from home when you are in a hostel. It becomes an emotional moment for you or a surprise visit from a family member which brings tears in your eyes. Hostel life teaches you to enjoy every little thing and be thankful for it.

  1. Friends can be your backbone

Your friends are your family away from home. They take care of you when you are sick; they console and protect you in tough times. Life wouldn’t be easy in a hostel without friends.

  1. Family comes first

Finally, you learn to value your family and love them even more. There might be times when you feel homesick. Pangs of loneliness attack you. That is the time you realize the vital role that family plays in your life.

All in all, it is fun to stay in a hostel. It proves to be a great learning experience.

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