Things you can avoid during your Wedding to save Money

8 Things you can avoid during your Wedding to save Money

8 Things you can avoid during your Wedding to save Money

Is your wedding round the corner? Are you planning to spend your two year salary in just two days? Pause and think twice. Indians generally spends their life savings on weddings. Celebration last for more than a week. However, this is not the right way to get married. You should make your big day a memorable one, but not splurge money where it is not needed. Keep these 8 things in mind to save money during your wedding.

  1. Your wedding card just doesn’t matter

People just glance through your wedding card once and then it goes into the thrash. Hence, there is no point in having a grand wedding card. Instead, invite people through phone calls or emails.

  1. Ask your friend to be the photographer or DJ

If your friend is a photographer or DJ, give him a chance to make your wedding better. This will save some money. Besides, we are not celebrities to have a renowned DJ at our wedding.

  1. Nobody is interested in the decoration

Roses, lilies or anything else doesn’t matter. All the fancy decoration will be thrown out after a few hours. Therefore, it is pointless spending a hefty amount on it. A minimum decoration should be done. Keep it Simple, Stupid.

  1. Your third cousin’s neighbour is just adding to the guest list

It is futile to invite a thousand people for the wedding. Family, relatives, colleagues, friends, friends of friends, relatives’ friends, all this is just adding to the noise. You don’t even recognize these people and vice versa. Keep your guest list short, but don’t forget the important people in your life.

  1. Nobody will ever remember your designer ‘lehanga

People are crazy about designer outfits for the wedding. You will just wear that dress for a few hours and it will rest in your closet for a lifetime. Buy a dress of your choice, the one that looks pretty and is available at a reasonable price. Or you can rent it.

  1. Don’t offer endless options in the menu

Twenty dishes in the main course and ten starters are not doing any good for you. Keep the menu simple; add a few mouth-watering options to it. However, see to it that you don’t make it too lavish. It will help you save a lot of money. Don’t worry, the guest won’t complain about the lesser options.

  1. Combine the ceremony and reception

You can combine the two functions and have a grand one. This is better than having five functions for the whole week in a row. It is exhausting for you and the guests too. Additionally, it will save your hard earned money.

  1. Sell as much as you can later

After the wedding sell the thing that are unused. Buy items that can be returned easily, if unused. Don’t keep clutter in the house.

Wedding is a special day in everybody’s life. Celebrate it with your life partner and your parents, instead of feeding a seven course meal at a five-star hotel to dozens of strangers. Make your big day even better by saving some money for your better future.


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