Reasons to avoid Long Distance Relationship

8 Reasons to avoid Long Distance Relationship

8 Reasons to avoid Long Distance Relationship

A number of couples in India and abroad are in long distance relationship. Such relationships are very common in this modern era. Couples very much in love or married to each other live apart, maybe in different cities or even in different countries. You get your desired space and freedom however long distance relationships are not all that hunky- dory like it seems to be. There are  certain drawbacks of long distance relationships.

1. No frequent meetings:

It is pretty obvious that in a long distance relationship you will not meet your partner every day or even once a month. Skype and other modern age apps can comfort you quite often however it is not always sufficient. Similarly both of you are not available for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or valentine.

2. Misunderstandings can creep in:

It is very easy for jealousy or misunderstanding to spoil the relationship. Additionally, lack of trust and faith even at one end is dangerous. You will frequently feel that your partner is lying to you or he/she is hanging out with someone else. You may feel cheated at the drop of a hat. Moreover it is not easy to clear such misunderstandings when you are not physically present to talk to him/her. If you or your partner is possessive or needy types then it is more of a fuss.

3. Such relationships increase your expenses:

Your phone bills may be more than all your friends because your phone is your constant companion. On the similar grounds, internet is the reason your relationship is surviving. You may visit your partner in a few months so you have to bear the flight and other travel expenses.

4. You may often feel lonely:

To make the long story short, long distance relationships make you feel lonely. When you see other couples walking hand in hand or sharing a sweet moment you miss your better half even more. After all when you need you partner to listen to you or to comfort you he/she is not there. Besides after a tiring day you may want to hug you partner while sleeping but your pillow is all that can help you.

5. Too busy for each other:

Schedules may be different especially if you are living in different countries or working in shifts. The chances are high that when you are back home after a long day and want to talk to your partner; he may be heading to work. Likewise you may not always meet when you want to as one of you might be busy with professional commitments.

6. Miscommunication is bound to happen:

By the grace of modern day messaging apps, miscommunication often happens between people. In the first place you can’t see the expressions of the person while he is typing and also when there is a fight over text messages, it can take an ugly turn. Sarcasm is a strict no when you chat. Above all technology saves time and reduces distance but it can ruin a relation at times.

7. Tendency to cheat:

There are high chances that you may tend to cheat your partner. The reason may be anything like emotional comfort or physical pleasure. Although you are very much in love with you partner but you crave for his physical presence. Hence you find that happiness with someone else. It is very difficult to stay apart yet stay loyal.

8. Lack of physical intimacy:

Sex is not everything in a relationship but you cannot deny that it is essential. It makes the bond stronger. There is nothing that can replace physical touch. All humans need it especially from the person you love. In a long distance relationship chances to get physically intimate with your partner are far and few. No good morning kisses and no good night hugs to make you feel warm and happy.

Love is rare to come across and stay there and sex is easy to get. Long distance relationships are hard to maintain in this frivolous world. It takes a lot of hard work and willingness to make it happen.

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