Arranged Marriage in India

7 Reasons Arranged Marriage in India is so common

7 Reasons Arranged Marriage in India is so common

Arranged marriage is a concept which is most popular among the Indians. Indians have reached the moon, launched missiles and have made a mark all over the world. However, we fail when it comes to choosing our life partner. Our parents can’t see us unmarried for long, hence they arrange our marriage. Unlike the olden days, both partners get to know each other in spite of an arranged marriage.  Let’s look at the reason why arranged marriage in India is such a common phenomenon.

Family comes first

In any case we don’t want to hurt or disobey our parents. We want to see them happy and hence we marry a person that they like. Also we don’t want to set a bad example for our younger siblings and family members. You tend to sacrifice your love and opt for an arrange marriage. And if you decide to turn rebellious, you get a good dose of emotional blackmailing to mend your ways.

Social status is important for us

We can’t marry the poor, ugly or uneducated or just any one of it, if you don’t fall in any of the three categories. Yes, socially both the partners have to complement each other. Otherwise your aunts, relatives and neighbors will suck life out of you.

India is a diverse nation

Love is unconditional but marriage comes with a set of dos and don’ts. Inter faith marriages are rarely seen. Inter caste marriages are a big no no in India. You must marry the one who belongs to the same religion, caste, state, city as you. If these pre requisites meet then the planets don’t agree to let you marry. Hence, it is a tedious procedure to fix all these. The only work around is arrange marriage.

We treat marriage as a deal

If I earn 10 lakhs a year and you earn 8 lakhs a year, let’s make 18 lakhs a year. Marriages in India are like striking a deal between the two families. Men want to get married for home cooked food, guilt free sex and children. Women want to get married for a comfortable life, social status and children. In this case, love is equal to the square root of -1 i.e. imaginary.

We are scared to make a choice:

When you are too old to take a Botox and too young to get a pimple, you decide to marry. You are an educated, mature individual, yet you are unable to choose a life partner for yourself. This is because you are reluctant to take responsibility. In arranged marriages, you have your parents to play the blame game with. You can ask your parents to fix up if anything goes wrong because you married as per their choice.

Marriage is a compulsion

There is no way out except to marry. They say before 25 you are single and after that you are unmarried. The society has set age limits for men and women, after which you have to get married. You cannot stay single, marriage is mandatory. So most of opt for an arranged marriage when you are pressurized to an extreme.

We belittle love:

Most importantly, we belittle love. Love knocks at our doors at least once in a lifetime. But we bang the door hard. We don’t consider love as a reason to marry. In fact, love is the most important reason that two people should marry. We fail to understand this. We don’t want to fight for the one we love and both partners give up on each other. What remains is the option of an arrange marriage.

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