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6 Ways to Earn Money Online with Zero Investment in India

You can earn money online within the comfort of your home. No travel, no formal qualification and no much hassle. There are a lot of ways by which you can follow your passion and even get good money online. The cost of investment can be just nominal or zero. Yes, at zero cost you can earn a huge amount.

  1. Online Affiliate Marketing

Start Affiliate Marketing, as almost all online shopping website provide affiliate programs. You just need to register and provide the link to the people who buy online products frequently, do some promotions and you get the percentage. I have seen people in India earning more than 25K on affiliate marketing. You can contact me for further details as I can help ypu out with it.

  1. Freelance writer

Writing blogs, articles, stories or any content which is required by the employer. You can even write for yourself. Your words can make money for you. The writing can belong to any domain ranging from cooking to technical blogs or agony aunt columns giving relationship advice. Blogging is a trend in this technically advancing world. The best part is that there is no way you experience a loss if you are a writer. You just need to strike a chord with your readers. Reading is a hobby which people will never get bored of.

  1. Astrology/tarot consultant

If you are an astrologer or a tarot reader, you can give advice to your clients online. There is no need to visit them or set up a personal office to deal with your clients. Once you have mastered the art you can earn from it all your life. It is my personal experience where I have been dealing with people in India and overseas to give them tarot advice. Everyone is struggling with their set of problems; all they need is a person to confide in.

  1. Online tutor

You can deliver your knowledge to people online without incurring any cost. If you are an expert in a particular subject, why not earn from it! You can make videos and upload them or conduct live sessions. In this manner you can interact with the people around the globe. It will not only help you earn money but also polish your skills and expertise. Teaching is one profession which can never get outdated although the means of knowledge transfer can change with times.

  1. Technical Support

You can do this for a small scale IT firm where they have no space and budget for a full time technical support executive. You can provide technical support to them remotely if you possess technical skills. This can be for a start up which belongs to your friend or relative.

  1. Freelance app developer

Smart phone are common to everyone and everywhere nowadays. There are countless apps coming up. You can develop apps and sell them in the market. Most youngsters are passionate about technology these days. This is the best job to earn money without much investment. This is one profession where you need no formal education as even school kids are familiar with smart phone apps and programming.

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