Weight loss

5 Quick Weight Loss Tips

What are the Quick weight loss remedy?

Almost 90% of the people have came across this question in their life. Truly speaking their is no shortcut to weight loss or loosing fat. A Proper Diet and Exercise can help you achieve it.But diet plays a very important role in loosing excess body fat.

So here are Few Weight loss tips

  1. Apple
Weight loss
Weight loss

“An apple a day keeps the fat away”. Apple which are high in fibers helps us reduce the weight.So keep a apple in your daily diet.

2) Green Tea

Green Tea Cup
Green Tea.

Green Tea have many health benifits and weight loss in one of them.Green tea helps in burning fats, so if you are workingout then one cup of green tea will add to its benifts and give you visible results

3) Protein rich food


Protein intake will help increasing your metabolism which then helps to maintain your muscle mass, finally which helps with fat-burning.Actully speaking our body burn more calories when we eat protien.

4) High Fiber food

Quick weight loss remedy
High Fiber Vegitables

Ensure that your meals and snacks are rich in fibre as it keeps you full and helps you cut calories you consume every day.

5) Warm water + Lemon + honey

Quick weight loss remedy
Warm water + Lemon + honey

Warm water + Lemon + honey every morning to help reduce weight.It is believed that drinking the honey and lemon water mixture every morning on an empty stomach boosts metabolism which helps you lose weight


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