Short Moral Story for Kids

The Most Precious Gift – Short Moral Story for Kids

Short Moral Story for Kids

There was a little girl named Dimple. This ten year old lived with her parents. Dimple’s parents were very hardworking individuals. Both of them worked day in and day out. They not only sent her to a good school but also gave her a decent lifestyle. The couple did all they could in order to keep their daughter healthy and happy.

However, Dimple always had very high hopes from life. She wanted to live in a big house, eat great food. She always admired her rich friends in school who travelled in car and wore expensive clothes. She was always amazed by the fancy gifts her friends received from their parents and family members.

This girl often demanded such expensive gifts from her parents. The poor mother politely explained to her that they are not rich like her friends. They can certainly give her good education and a happy childhood. But ultimately nothing seemed to comfort Dimple. She failed to understand her parents. The poor parents tried too hard to give their best.

One fine day Dimple saw her friend Neena wearing sparkling little gold bangles. Those gold bangles were bought by Neena’s father for her birthday. She proudly flaunted those to her friends. Dimple felt very jealous of it. She wanted the same kind of bangles in her hands. Dimple asked her mother to get those bangles for her birthday too. Her mother knew she could not afford them.

A month later…

The mother made all the preparations for her beloved daughter’s birthday. She spent the money she had saved since months. The lady made all the efforts to make her daughter happy. She got a few tingling glass bangles for Dimple. This was all she could afford.

Dimple came home from school. He parents hugged her. The family cut the cake. It was time for the gift. Her mother lovingly took out the beautifully wrapped box of glass bangles and handed over to her. Suddenly she had stars in her eyes. She quickly opened the box to see a few glass bangles in it. She got furious and threw the box on the floor leaving the bangles shattered into pieces.

Her mother broke down. With tears in her eyes she began picking up the pieces of broken bangles. The father came forward and held her hand firmly. He took her out of the house. Dimple walked quietly down the road along with her dad. She had anger on her face and tears rolling down her cheeks.

They reached an old, deserted place. There were broken little houses in that slum area. People were sitting on the roadside. Many were homeless and had torn clothes on their body. Obviously none of them had shoes. There were a few kids collecting food from the dustbin or leftover thrown by others. There Dimple saw a girl almost of her age, messed up hair and muddy face. Sitting on the dirty pavement, she was eating thrown away food with her left hand. Unfortunately her right hand was missing.

Dimple’s father explained to her, “Dimple, if you don’t have gold bangles, it is nothing to be upset about. You have a clean house to live and hygienic food to eat. The most precious gift is to be blessed with a healthy body and loving parents.” Dimple started crying. She was sobbing all the way home. The moment she reached home, mother and daughter hugged each other. Dimple realised her mistake and was thankful for everything she had.

Moral: Be grateful for all that God has blessed you with.

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