10 Ways to Impress a Girl

10 Ways to Impress a Girl / Ways to win girls heart

10 Ways to Impress a Girl

The fairer sex can be tough to deal with at times. Imagine you really like a girl, however cannot do anything further. Isn’t it heart breaking? The chances are either you are ignored or friend zoned.  There are a few tried and tested ways to make a lady fall for you.

  1. Appreciate her

Girls love to be praised. In other words, praise them for their appearance or that new dress. Hence compliments will surely make a girl fall for you. Praise her sense of books or her time management skills. Observe those little things about her which others don’t. However, see to it that you don’t overdo it. Your compliments need to be genuine yet appealing.

2. Be a gentleman

Girls are often impressed by men who are sweet and down to earth. Moreover, be a soft and subtle person. Show respect towards everyone including security guards and waiters. Don’t abuse or use foul language in her presence. Similarly avoid smoking or getting tipsy when you are with her. Women still go for the old fashioned men who open doors and pull chairs for them.

3. Listening is the Key

A listening ear is all what a girl needs. Listen to her stories even if they appear to be long and boring. Show that you are always concerned about her. Ask her about her day or enquire about the cold she had caught last night. It makes a girl feel cared for. If she is upset and telling you her problems, listen to her instead of questioning or advising her. In the similar fashion, listen for her favourite colour, brand of chocolate and remember these minute details.

4. Try to be like her

Find similarities between you and her. Opposites attract but similarities bring you closer. Read the same books that she reads, hang out with her in her favourite place or order the same food that she has ordered for dinner. Laugh along with her and try to match her routine. It is a great idea to accompany her for a hike on an evening or sometimes just get her those lip smacking red velvet cupcakes.

5. Make her feel special

Every girl wants to feel special and pampered. Remember her birthday and be the first person to wish her at midnight. Visit her college or office once in a while to surprise her. Give her a box of chocolate that she likes. Splurge some money on her at least once. That late night phone conversation or a sweet little romantic good morning text can make a huge difference. From time to time, be that special person who makes her feel she is special.

6. Be confident

Self-confidence is the key to swipe her off her feet. You can’t impress somebody until you are not confident about yourself. Remember swag is very different from self-confidence. When you are confident about your own self you appear much more attractive and charming. As a result any girl will feel protected and happy with you because she knows that you can handle yourself and her.

7. Dress to impress

Dressing up is actually dressing down. Therefore your clothes need to be neat and well maintained rather than being costly or branded. Don’t over dress. It makes you look crazy. Use mild perfumes or deodorants. Belts and shoes should be modest but impressive. Above all, looks don’t really matter much if you can strike the right cord with her heart.

8. Be sensitive about her friends and family

Respect her family members like she does. If there is a worrisome situation in her family, be concerned about it. If she has invited you to her family event or a wedding, try to be as decent as you can be. Hang out with her friends occasionally. Make sure you don’t criticize any of them. And most importantly never show interest in any of her female friends. It may fetch you some negative points.

9. Consider her advice

Women think they are great advisors. From matters related to heart or your wardrobe, they can advise you on anything. If she has told you to wear your glasses because you need to, consider it. In addition, if she suggests that black looks good on you, show up in black at times. This makes a lady feel elated and important. Even if you think she is wrong just politely explain it to her.

10. Don’t try too hard

Finally, don’t seem desperate and needy. It is the biggest turn off if you appear to be a man who is desperately in need of a woman by his side. Clingy and needy man is no girl’s wish. She wants to be desired for and not forced. Try your best to woo her and leave it up to her to like you or not. Don’t compel her to reciprocate to your feeling in the same way. It is a matter of the heart after all.


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