Tips for a Happy Marriage

10 Tips for a Happy Marriage

10 Tips for a Happy Marriage

Gone are the days when couples lived and died together. In this frivolous world, you hear marriages falling apart every other day. There is no formula for a happy marriage. However, you can follow these tips and make a difference to your married life.

  • Marry only when you want to

Whether you are 22 or 32, marry only if you want to. Don’t get pressurized if all your peers are getting married and you haven’t found the right one. Have patience and don’t rush into the decision of marriage.

  • Respect your partner

It is possible that you might not love your partner in the initial days of your marriage. At least, respect them. If you are not able to respect your partner, you will never be happy and also upset the other person time and again.

  • Don’t expect change for you

You cannot expect a mature grown-up adult to change for you within a few days. Everyone has their habits, which they cannot change overnight. Give them some time and let them know politely that you are not comfortable with some of their habits or behaviour.

  • Respect each other’s family

It is perfectly fine if you cannot love or respect your partner’s family like your own. But, don’t disrespect them either. Your partner will never be happy if you dislike his family. Keep a distance from them, in case you don’t like to mingle with them.

  • Stand by your partner

Stand by your partner in thick and thin. Happiness and troubles both will come in your life. You need to support each other. Children are problematic at time, but they grow up and leave the nest. And then you are left with your better half. Help them in difficult situations by every means.

  • Never let the romance die

Never think that you are too old for romance or even sex. Surprise them with a little gift at times. Remember the special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. Go for dates once in a while. Drop a message saying that you miss them. Life passes very quickly and you get old. Live every moment with your partner.

  • Never take marriage advice from singles

They may be your best friends. However, don’t take advice from single people. They haven’t been through the situation and hence they are not the right people to guide you. If you are at a crossroads in your marriage, turn to God fearing and old couple, who have seen the ups and downs in their married life. Or your parents are the best people to help you.

  • Confide in your partner

Trust your partner. Share your inner most thoughts and feelings with them. If they tell you something, don’t announce it to the world. Happy couples are best buddies. Accept your partner’s previous relationships and avoid talking about it once you are married to each other.

  • Avoid the silent treatment

If a misunderstanding creeps in, talk to each other and sort the matter. Don’t brush it under the carpet. Don’t go to bed angry. Don’t let your partner sleep hungry. Discussions and confrontations make things easy. Don’t stop talking to each other. Cutting off the communication lines harms the relationship.

  • See the world through their eyes

Try to understand each other’s point of view. Don’t be stubborn in a marriage. It is alright to bend and keep your ego aside for a while. If you understand your partner’s point of view, then things will not seem difficult at all.

  • Pray for each other

Finally, pray for your partner every day. Ask God to give them the strength and happiness. Wish good things for each other. Never let them cry and if they do, pacify them.

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