Things Only the 90’s Kids may remember

10 Things Only the 90’s Kids may remember

10 Things Only the 90’s Kids may remember
Does the word ‘Kisme’ Chocolate or Sonpari T.V. show ring a bell? Congratulations! You are a 90’s kid. Technology has advanced today; kids have an exposure to a lot of new things. However, nothing can replace the innocence and adventures that the 90’s kids had during their childhood. Let’s reminisce our childhood days with these 10 things, that you will remember only if you are a 90’s kid.

1) Amazing T.V. shows
Watching Sonpari and Small Wonder was the best form of entertainment for kids in the 90’s. Also, Simba and Scooby Dooby Doo had a huge influence on our lives. ‘Shaktiman’ was our superhero

2) Lip smacking toffees
None of the kids can ever forget the taste of Poppins and Rola-Cola. We grew up eating candy floss and savouring mint candies. On the other hand, they were affordable enough to be bought with a rupee coin.

3) Outdoor sports
90’s kids were not couch potatoes. We still remember the rules for kho-kho and kabaddi. Land and water, galli cricket made our evenings even more fun. We resorted to Ludo or Snake and Ladder during hot summer afternoons, when going out was prohibited because of the scorching heat. We played, we fell and hurt our self, but we lived.

4) Video games
We didn’t have play station. However, we had our set of games. Mario, Pacman and Road Rash were our games. The small video game, which could be played by only two people at a time, is still fresh in our memories.

5) Cute school stationary
Do you remember the cute little eraser of different shapes like a cherry or a peanut? Those made us happy. We carried fancy sharpeners and colourful pencils in our satchel with pride. It was the most difficult decision to choose between the different colours in that pen, which had four different coloured refills

6) Walkman and cassettes
If you owned a Walkman, you were considered to be rich. Your friends often borrowed it from you. The A and B side of the cassettes, is what we are very familiar with. We still remember dancing to the beats of “Heyyyyy Macarena, ay!”

7) VCR
We couldn’t download movies, like we do now. We were that generation who marched to the video library and bought movie records on rent. The VCR was a friend during vacations. The neighbours gathered in our house or we assembled in theirs to watch a movie on the VCR.

8) Huge screens and floppy disks
Computer and T.V. screens were a tad bit different in those days. They were huge, bulky and blurred, unlike today. Now, the screens have become so sleek that I fear they may disappear soon. We used floppy disks to share games and files.

9) Evergreen movies
I still remember crying while watching Baby’s Day out and laughed my heart out to the Govinda movies from the 90’s.Jaurassic Park still takes you down to school days. Lastly, DDLJ was and will always remain our all-time romantic classic.

10) Pokemon cards
We spent a lot of our pocket money on buying Pokemon cards. We desperately wanted each one of them. We competed with our friends on that.
Those were the most beautiful days. Things were simpler, people were happier. But, certain things didn’t change. Thank God for Maggie. Thank God for Parle G and Thank God for pani puri.

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