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10 Startup Ideas that can Change your Life

If you are not interested to work for somebody else or you are unable to get a desired job, no worries. You can start your own business and create a source of income for yourself. No fixed in and out time, no boss and no working for something you don’t believe in. You can be the master of your own life. Without getting into the corporate rat race you can earn great money on your own terms.Here are some Startup Ideas that will change your life if you will give it a try.

  1. Food business

Simply putting, people will never stop eating and hence you will never run out of work. You can say a small catering business which you can operate from your own kitchen. Party orders, selling it to a small scale restaurant or anywhere needed. Not only food but cakes and chocolates can be made at home and sold. You just need to work hard on advertisement. Mouth publicity is the best way to get business.

  1. Interior decorator

You might have to get some training in interior decoration initially. Once you are ready you can work independently as an interior decorator or even start your own firm. Well publicity is needed to rope in clients. Once you have worked for a few clients your work will be visible and you can develop contacts in this manner.

  1. Shopping and gifting ideas

Marriages, parties or festivals, people exchange gifts. You can start your own business out of it.  Buying the right kind of gifts and wrapping it is not as easy as it sounds especially when it is a huge number. This gives a personalized touch to those gifts. Who doesn’t like a beautifully done gift basket! You can start by working for your friends and family initially.

  1. Event host

Celebration is an integral part of everyone’s life all around the world. You can start this business with zero investment. If you can face the crowd and have the gift of gab, flaunt it. You can host events, public shows or parties and entertain people. Be the master of ceremony.

  1. Baby sitting

With the number of working women increasing, baby sitting is one profession which can bring good money. All you have to do is, look after the kids, feed them and maybe teach them too when their parents are off to office. You can do this too at home. If you have enough space at home and you like kids, this is a great idea.

  1. Sell hair care and beauty products

You can make your own hair and face care products in a natural way and sell them locally in your vicinity. You can also strike a deal with the salons or shops to buy your products. As the products are natural, there are high chances of people liking them.

  1. Renting

You can rent out anything right from sofa to utensils or clothes. Buying everything new is not something that everyone’s pocket will permit. You can rent out and earn money. Initially you will need to buy all these things but once you get a good number of clients; the cost of investment will be recovered. And the best part is that it is only one time investment.

  1. Cleaning

You can hire a few people and you and your team will be responsible for cleanliness. Homes, offices, vehicles or anything anywhere. People can hire you to clean their premises for a day or for a month depending on their requirements.

  1. Mobile repair Shop

You can have a short mobile repairing course online and go with the mobile repairing business. You can initially start at home. Post ads online and do a pickup drop services to the people. Once people start getting good service they will definitely come to you. And as each one of us does not have a car but even a watchman of your society does have a mobile phone, so you will be having large audience. Once it is established hire some people and grow it more.

  1. Nursery

If you are a nature lover, this is an amazing way to make money. You have to nurture plants and sell them. Basic knowledge of plants and gardening is necessary.


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