should quit your Current Job

10 Signs that you should quit your Current Job

10 Signs that you should quit your Current Job

You have been trying hard each day. However, you don’t want to work. You have developed a strong dislike for your job. It is a troublesome task to even reach office every morning. Desperate times call for desperate measures. These are 10 signs that signal you should quit your current job.

1.      Are you are over qualified for it?

You are working at position that you don’t deserve to work for. If your educational qualifications and skills are way too high and your job does not suit them, you should leave. It is like underemployment. Don’t get pressurized and settle for less than you deserve. If you are qualified and talented, you will surely get the best

2.      Are you are not getting paid well?

It does not go without saying that money is the biggest motivation to work. You cannot give nine hours a day and five days a week to a job which doesn’t pay you well. There is no need to invest your time and hard work in a job that does not satisfy your needs. It is time to leave.

3.      Does the work suits your profile?

You are made to sing, they cannot ask you play football. If the job doesn’t suit skills and interest, there is no point in continuing it. Though you will learn something new but it will not help you. Additionally, you will not gain experience in your desired field.

4.      Do you get the credit for your work?

If you are not praised, awarded or rewarded for the good work that you did, you must quit your current job. Especially if the same story repeats in every few days. You don’t deserve to stand in a corner and applaud others for your work.

5.      Do you look forward to go to office anymore?

You hate your office? Every morning you count on the sick leaves you have? You drag yourself to office every day and think of excuses to avoid your work? If the answer is yes, you need to quit your current job immediately and plan something else for yourself.

6.      Do you gel up with your colleagues?

You don’t share a healthy rapport with your colleagues, especially with your manager. You are not reverential towards your seniors. It is time to leave. It is not a positive scenario to work. After all, we need to work as a team.

7.      Are you are getting stressed?

It is advisable not to bite off more than you can chew. Your job demands you to work 24X7 without a much need break. You are not finding time to spend with your family or it is taking away your sleep time too. Your health and mental peace is deteriorating because of work. It is high time you leave. It is said that anything that costs our peace is expensive.

8.      You don’t foresee growth?

You are made to do the same task every day. You have stopped learning, which means that you have stopped growing. Similarly, you are not growing in monetary terms. You are drawing the same salary since years. This is not the ideal situation. You cannot do the same things and earn the same amount of money for years.

9.      Are you are being forced to do anything?

If your boss is forcing you to do anything you don’t like, run. Run for your life. You must not do anything that hurts your self-respect. You must not give any undue favours in return of anything, even if it is the position of a CEO. There are no shortcuts to good things in life.

10. Are you interested?

Lastly, you should not do anything that doesn’t interest you. You will never be satisfied in life. Everyone is not born to become an engineer or a doctor. If you think you can be a good hairstylist and you like doing it, do it. At the end, what matters is your happiness. Quit your current job and pursue your interest. There is money everywhere if you are good at your work.


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