Holi 2017

10 Essentials for Holi 2017

10 Essentials for Holi 2017

Here comes the festival of colours! We are all set to celebrate our hearts out this Holi. However, let’s not forget that colours can be damaging as well. No worries. Just keep these 10 things handy and party hard this Holi.

  1. A full-sleeved t-shirt

Wear a full-sleeved t-shirt or top to minimize the exposure of your skin to colours. Also, it helps to protect your skin from the heat.

  1. A pair of sunglasses

Don’t forget your sunglasses while playing with colours to prevent it from entering your eyes. Else, it may cause irritation or even an infection in your eyes.

  1. Sunscreen

Buy a sunscreen with high SPF. This will not only protect your skin from heat, but also colours. There are high chances of getting tanned.

  1. A few teaspoons of lemon juice

In case you have a sensitive scalp, it is advisable to apply some lemon juice before you step out to play with your favourite colours.

  1. Some cotton wool

This is very essential to protect your ears from getting damaged. While playing, water may enter your ears leading to ear infection or fungus. Put some cotton before you begin with your fun.

  1. A bottle of oil

Apply coconut oil on your body, especially your hands and legs. Once you are done playing, it is difficult to get rid of the colours. Some amount of oil will help the colour to get washed off quickly without much hassle.

  1. A good shampoo and conditioner

A gentle shampoo and conditioner will help you drain out the entire colour from your hair. Additionally, it is also important to keep your precious locks silky and smooth.

  1. The best body lotion

Here comes the most essential product once you clean up all the mess. Apply a good amount of body lotion to keep you skin healthy. It will help you reduce the side-effects of the artificial colours and sun tan.

  1. Some herbal face pack

Apply herbal face pack for a day or two after Holi. This is much needed for those who have sensitive or acne-prone skin. It will sooth your skin and minimizes the ill effect of colours on your face.

  1. Bottle of soothing eye drops

Put some soothing eye drops as recommended by the physician. This will help to reduce the dryness or itching in your eyes caused due to the water or colour.

Enjoy Holi with friends and family. Celebrate a safe Holi with your loved ones.

Happy Holi!

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